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Set up Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook

Running a successful business is no easy task. Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions can help greatly improve your marketing campaigns, meetings, emails, data analysis, customer care, and much more.

The CRM delivers a multifaceted customer relationship management solution where everything required in developing, improving, and retaining your customers is stored  microsoft dynamics crm solutions is a framework that covers your sales, service, and marketing automation. Now with Microsoft Dynamics 365, all previous functionalities of the CRM have been extended to cover new and powerful components.

Dynamics 365 Takes Productivity to a New Level!

Did you know that your Microsoft Dynamics 365 end-user functionalities are also accessible on Outlook? There is a stable integration between the CRM and Outlook that ensures that all teams can control their emails, access their appointments, capture customer interviews and do a lot more from the Outlook interface.

Some CRM applications will offer a few features on Outlook, but Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a complete integration with many CRM functionalities within Outlook. This integration means that users can create and manage appointments and access customer information all from the Outlook app. This integration is a productive way of improving business processes and when users go offline, a copy of their data is stored on the local computer for easy restoration.

Check out some of the benefits of this integration below:

  • Link your Outlook emails to CRM records
  • Create personalized views on Outlook
  • Access all end-user functions on the Outlook interface
  • Open records from any Outlook email that is linked to Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Enjoy the familiar interface of Outlook to help reduce staff training costs
  • Take control of your record views on Outlook. You can sort, filter and categorize views for better data management
  • Easy to adopt for a fast user acceptance
  • Access help guides for sales processes
  • Convert CRM data to various charts
  • Sync all contacts
  • Access Microsoft Dynamics data offline.

The Dynamics for Outlook client offers an offline sync functionality that is just great for when you are on the go How to Get Started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Outlook

Getting started with this integration is easy because all you’ll need is your Dynamics 365 client and Outlook.
Install Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook. This is an Outlook client created by Dynamics 365. The software will add some extra user elements to your Outlook screen.

  • Locate the folder for your organization — or multiple organizations if you are connected to more than one — on the left side of the screen and browse the Dynamics 365 folders under main organization folder. This is where you can view different records synced to your CRM.
  • When you click a record, you will be presented with the details of that record in the reading pane. This is read-only data and cannot be edited. To edit, simply double-click on the record.
  • Use ‘Ribbon’ as the command to access different buttons and features from Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Outlook is the main contact management, communications, and scheduling app used by many organization. So this integration is a welcome addition for many business users who want the power of Dynamics 365 and the friendly user interface of Outlook in one click.