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How To Write A Book online With Type & Tell

The website known as Type & Tell is a service provider dedicated to self-publishing. The aim of this business is to offer authors and writers with the necessary tools needed to write a book online. First launched in Sweden, Type & Tell will assist’s writers to create, publish, followed by printing and then selling their books.

Type & Tell do not take a percentage on the profits of sales. The book belongs to the writer and the profits and the sales also belong to the writer. This company involves a small-team made up of book lovers and publishing professionals that have a dedication to using their skills and experience to offer rewarding, self-publishing and extremely high self-publishing services.

Creating A Book
With the unique book Editor Tool writers are able to create beautiful books. This tool allows the writer to write their text directly into Book Editor or the choice to upload their manuscript from a Word document. The writer is then able to select their book format, the layout of the interior pages and to finally design their own cover.

Writing In The Book Editor
The Book Editor is an online application that creates text-based, high-quality EBooks and print books. The application is designed in such a way that the writer has complete control over the entire process to write a book online which turns text documents into book files.

Book Editor has been formatted like standard Word documents. Writers have the choice to write their manuscript into Book Editor and then save the text in the secure T & T desktop as they go along. The other choice includes uploading a completed “Docx document”. Either method used allows the writer to then choose the type of book that they would like to create.

  • How The Book Editor Works
    Write The Manuscript: The first step involves writing the manuscript in Book Editor or importing a completed document.
  • Choose A Format: Select a book size and format that matches up to the writers ambitions, market and genre.
  • Typeset The Pages: The writer is then able to design their personal internal layout in the easy-to-use platform.
  • Design The Cover: The writer is then able to finish-off the book package with a bespoke cover which is ready to print.

Features Of Book Editor

  • Complete access as everything is available on the Web at anytime.
  • The Book Editor is 100% free for use.
  • Draft histories and auto-saving.
  • Professional type-setting available in sought after sizes.
  • EPUB and print-ready files that is available immediately.

Book Formats

1. Print Books
Once the writer or author has completed writing their book, they can then choose a digital EBook or a print book. For books that are planned for sale, the writer will probably choose both.

2. EBook
The EBooks currently account for more than 30% of book sales throughout the UK. They are extremely cost-effective to distribute and produce and EBooks are the popular format when it comes to self-publishing authors.