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Applications Of Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality technology involves creation of a perception of being physical present. Mostly it involves a non-physical World or scene. In order to create full virtual reality sight and sound are extensively used. In matters, sound panoramic views of 3D display are used. In sound, full surround systems are used, these systems also incorporate 3D technology in them. People in the World have quickly appreciated the need for virtual reality. People are coming up with ingenious ways on how to incorporate this technology in our day to day lives. Various applications of this technology are present in the real World.

1. Training purposes.

Many institutions are employing virtual reality for training purposes. In areas where doing real practicals in real situations is dangerous and risky, simulations are used. These simulations ensure the safety of the trainees while at the same time equips them with knowledge to handle a situation. Virtual reality simulations are mainly used in disaster management and rescue training and in army training camps. In the case of army training camps, sending troops in a terrorist hostage situation in rocky mountains is quite dangerous. In order to prepare them for a real rescue and ambush mission virtual training is employed. In the virtual center, virtual terrorists, hostages ,rocky mountains are present. A virtual person which the trainee is expected to control also exists .In the U.S army the flying of drones heavily rely on virtual technology. The drone has no pilot, thus controlled remotely from command centers. Real images of the drone location are displayed on a screen.

2. Entertainment Industry.virtual reality technology

In the entertainment industry virtual reality has a number of applications. These applications are aimed at giving an excellent better feel. Some of the applications in the industry may include;

1. Computer games.

Computer games give the user a real feel of being the culprit in experience. These games are either downloaded or played online. Further the games represent a real life situation or a virtual situation happening in a virtual environment.
2. Movie screening/theatres.

A greater population of the World love watching movies. The movie niche has seen numerous advancement in technology over the years. The latest technology employs the use of 3D.Images simulated by 3D technology are found to be of high quality compared to the analog predecessors. Movie theatres have also incorporated 3D screens and environments in their screening. Mostly 3D compactible glasses are used. This has given the niche a new life since it will take years before 3D technology becomes obsolete. All the above borrows heavily from the virtual reality concepts.

3. Head phones/sets.

These are sound equipments.With these gadgets sounds transmitted to the user from a scene represent real life situations. The sounds may originate from a virtual reality scene or a real scene in the case of live stage screening.

4. Medical care and treatment.

Many health equipment’s make use of virtual reality. In the treatment of broken limbs and bones virtual therapy is used. On x-ray machines and radiotherapy equipment virtual reality is used. Treatment of brain disorders and psychiatrist treatment experts are using the technology to trigger responses.